Decisions, decisions, decisions……When you are an aspiring recording artist or a songwriter you will be faced with many decisions.  What recording studio should I record at?  Which engineer to hire to record and mix my project?  How do I find the right producer?  What studio musicians should I use on my record?

When it comes to your recording project or song demos you really need to make sure you are making the right decisions…MAKING SOUND DECISIONS….pun intended!  Finding the right recording studio and production team to work with you to create your sound and vision is usually one of the first and also one most important decisions you will make.

The Verge Recording team has been helping artists and songwriters in making sound decisions for for the past 15 years.  We have great working relationships with Nashville’s top studio musicians and can help you select the right combination of players for your session.  Our team can help guide you through each step of your project from tracking, overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering.


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